Personal Audio

Don't think we didn't notice that today's digital audio is compressed and lossy. We just don't believe that your headphones should sound tinny and flat. So we designed a unique line of headphones that use today's most advanced audio technology to compensate and correct for digital audio shortcomings. Suddenly, your audio sounds big and alive, dynamic and energetic!


Stylish over-ear headphones.

Audiophiles, meet design freaks.

We're speaking a new design language, but it sounds just like classic Polk. How is that? It's the combination of high performance sound, exclusive technologies, and absolutely new product designs. The designs in our Heritage Collection recall the warm history of audio and the performance arts, the things you enjoy, updated for your life today. On the move, stylish, dedicated and connected. It's about your favorite materials, leather and metal, combined in a new way, by designers and engineers who share your desire for the singular in form and performance. Looks refreshingly low key, sounds incredibly high performance.

RRP $349.00 AUD

Legendary Polk Sound

Dynamic Balance® plus POET System Design

Polk, world-renowned for its sound quality since 1972, chose a 40 mm driver made of lightweight, durable PET material, housed in a vented enclosure. These drivers were developed using our Dynamic Balance design process that uses the variables of materials technology and diaphragm geometry to discover the right balance for the drivers’ performance goals. Polk has taken a  brand new approach to headphone system design called POET, Polk Optimized Electro-acoustic Tuning. This design process refines the drivers
even further to improve overall performance balance and dynamics for an even more immersive listening experience.


Style   On-Ear
Transducer Type   Dynamic Balance
Diameter   40mm
Input Connections   3.5mm
Included Cables   48 inch cable
Apple Remote   yes
Sensitivity   99.7dB
Impendance   24 Ohms
Frequency Response (-12dB)   10-21.5 kHz (+/-9 dB)
Product Weight   0.84kg
Parts   1 year
Labor   1 year

Specifications, dimensions and features subject to change without notice.