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Don't think we didn't notice that today's digital audio is compressed and lossy. We just don't believe that your headphones should sound tinny and flat. So we designed a unique line of headphones that use today's most advanced audio technology to compensate and correct for digital audio shortcomings. Suddenly, your audio sounds big and alive, dynamic and energetic!

Nue Voe

Stylish, fashionable high performance ear buds.

Headphones with real sex appeal.

Slip into something a little more comfortable.

Ear buds are so not sexy. Until now. Now there's Nue Voe, from Polk. Look at them. That crafted, perfectly balanced polymer resin housing. It's good looking and smart, with excellent damping qualities for more distortion-free audio, with deeper low frequencies, than other ear buds.

RRP $279.00 AUD

Your music as you’ve never heard it before

  • Polk, renowned for its sound quality since 1972, uses a new single balanced-armature design for these in-ear headphones.

  • Balanced armature drivers are very ef cient, have a low impedance and produce open and detailed mid-range and extended high frequencies. They do, however, lack low end bass.

  • Polk engineers solved this by adding passive EQ that pulls down the mid- and high-range frequencies in order to enhance bass output.

  • This new approach to headphone system design is called POET, Polk Optimized Electro-acoustic Tuning. It re nes the balanced armature driver to improve overall performance balance and dynamics for a more immersive listening experience.

nue voe headphone features: 

  • Super efficient balanced-armature driver design, with Polk Optimized Electro-acoustic Tuning, ensures detailed highs, with more open mid-range and deeper low frequency response than other headphones. Truly immersive!

  • Multiple ear tips included, find the one that fits you best!

  • Silicone and memory foam ear tips, co-molded to the shape of the headphone ear tube, enhance passive noise isolation and contribute to dynamic audio response.

  • Easy-to-use, ergonomic in-line 3-button controller with built-in microphone for intuitive audio and phone control.

  • Lightweight cable with convenient Y-junction supports iOS devices and allows you to easily adjust the cable to your needs on-the-fly.

  • No more flyaway cable! Nue voe's unique 90-degree connector is gold-plated, and precision-machined to seat deeper into your source connection. (We were not kidding when we said it had real sex appeal!)

  • Available in stylish Tortoise or sleek Black finish.

  • Authentic Polk products are made using only the best materials and the most advanced manufacturing techniques. They pass the industry’s most exhaustive quality tests, including drop testing, extreme signal response and UV & salt exposure testing. Polk headphones are built to last.

Style   In-Ear
Transducer Type   Single balanced armature
Diameter   n/a
Input Connections   Gold-plated 3.5 mm
Included Ear Tips   3 pairs silicone ear tips (S/M/L);
2 pairs 3-flange silicone ear tips (S/L);
2 pairs memory foam ear tips (S/L)
Included Cables   48 inch cable
Included Accessries   Cloth bag; owners manual; quick-fit guide
Sensitivity   101dB
Impendance   32 Ohms
Frequency Response (-3dB)   10 Hz - 21.5 kHz
Product Weight   0.11kg
Parts   1 year
Labor   1 year