Personal Audio

Don't think we didn't notice that today's digital audio is compressed and lossy. We just don't believe that your headphones should sound tinny and flat. So we designed a unique line of headphones that use today's most advanced audio technology to compensate and correct for digital audio shortcomings. Suddenly, your audio sounds big and alive, dynamic and energetic!

UltraFocus 8000

Tune Out The World. Tune In Your Music.

Tune Out the World. Tune in Your Music.

Portable personal sound is the way to go today, but how much of the explosive impact of a home audio system do we leave behind each time we hit the road with our headphones? For Polk, too much. So we engineered a pair of headphones that would deliver the big, bold, expansive experience of a home audio system to our on-the-go ears, anywhere we went: the UltraFocus™ 8000 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones.

RRP $449.99 AUD

UltraFocus™ 8000 is engineered like no other headphone. Using both passive and active noise cancelling technologies, and taking advantage of Polk's 40 years of patented audio innovations, UltraFocus™ 8000 headphones concentrate your attention on your music, screening out exterior interruptions. They boost your listening experience right out of your head with expansive dynamic response, deep bass effects, and one of the widest "soundstages" of any headphone today.



Max Sensitivity   110 dB
Minimum Impedance   32
Total Frequency Response   8Hz - 28kHz
Included Accessories   1/8
Parts Warranty   1 year
Labor Warranty   1 year
Headphone Specs
Type   Active Noise Canceling
Style   Over Ear
Type   Dynamic Balance
Diameter   40" (101.60cm)
Apple Remote   on_ear
Push to Hear   n/a
Input Connections   Gold-plated 3.5 mm
Included Ear Tips   n/a
Included Cables   55-inch cable


Specifications, dimensions and features subject to change without notice.